Fourth of July Pool Party Ideas

With Independence Day coming up, if you plan on hosting a party or event, you are probably trying to come up with the best ideas for your gathering. We are here to tell you, if you have a pool, you are in luck, because you can make it the centerpiece of your celebration. Keep reading to learn how you can create fireworks this holiday, with some Fourth of July pool party ideas.

Fourth of July Pool Party Ideas

Investing in a pool for your Northeast Ohio or Erie, PA home comes with many added benefits, one of which, is that it provides an additional space for you to entertain family and guests and creates an enjoyment area that no one can get enough of. When it comes to throwing the perfect pool party, the possibilities are endless, this is especially true when you have something to celebrate, like our country’s Independence Day.

We have some Fourth of July pool party ideas that are sure to make your gathering a success. Check them out below.

  • Embrace the Theme: This one is rather easy and self-explanatory; when hosting a Fourth of July party of any type, adding decorations that celebrate America and what the holiday is all about, is essential. How you decorate is important, as it sets the mood for your party. Add floatable items, such as beach balls, water toys, and rafts, to your pool that are themed for the holiday.
  • Come up With Some Pool Games: Use your pool for some planned entertainment by coming up with some pool games that all guests can enjoy. Even if people don’t want to take a dip, they can be invested in a pool game while watching from the sidelines. The focus of a pool party is, of course, the pool, so find some games that your guests will love to play in the water. Think of things like volleyball, basketball, Marco Polo, or even some Fourth of July themed games.
  • Have a Lounge Area: When it comes to your Fourth of July pool party, we know, not all of your guests may want to actually get into the pool. Make sure you have an area for them to relax and enjoy the outdoors just as much as the swimmers. Have outdoor furniture and shade available for people who seek it. Try to keep the area as close to the other activities as possible, so all guests can feel equally included in the festivities.
  • Don’t Forget the Music: No party is complete without a soundtrack. When it comes to celebrating Independence Day, making a playlist that plays songs related to the holiday can be a hit for guests of all ages. Be sure to have speakers throughout the party area so the tunes can be heard by everyone.
  • Serve Some Tasty Treats: When it comes to a party, the food and beverages you serve can be make or break. If you are hosting a Fourth of July pool party, you should have foods that are themed for the holiday, as well as easy for people who are in a pool to eat. We have provided some pool party snack ideas before, but for this very special holiday, it is also important to add some red, white, and blue to your menu.
  • Have Some Non-Pool Entertainment Planned: As we said, not everyone will want to swim and people are likely to be going in and out of the pool, so make sure you have something to keep them entertained while they are outside of the water as well. Add some yard games to spruce up the party. These can be as simple or elaborate as you would like.   
  • Provide the Essential Items: Being outdoors in the summertime comes with many things you need to account for. Be sure you have sunscreen, first aid items, bug repellent, extra towels, hand sanitizer, and other items readily available for your guests. If your party will continue into the evening hours, make sure you have amble outdoor lighting, and maybe even a fire feature in case it gets chilly.

While we have reviewed some Fourth of July pool party ideas to hopefully get you started, there really is no limit to what you do this Independence Day. To have a gathering that is the talk of the town, the key is, if you have a pool, plan your party around it, and opt for as much red, white, and blue as you can find.

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