Building a Great Inground Swimming Pool for your Kids

Building a Great Inground Swimming Pool for your Kids Everyone’s gearing up for the summer, and an inground swimming pool is a great way to make your yard the go-to hot spot for your kids and their friends. Naturally, you need a great space, good foundations and a solid build, but there’s plenty more to consider when making a great pool that your kids can enjoy. Get the Height Right You want a pool that your kids can stand in, so we recommend that you build it with them in mind. An extensive shallow end ensures they can put their feet on the … Read More

Taking Care of your inground Pool

Taking Care of your Inground Pool Nothing beats the summer heat like a cool, refreshing dip in a swimming pool. While above ground pools are always enjoyable, inground pools offer even more features for your family and guests to enjoy. Typically, larger and easier to enter and exit, they’re also usually much deeper, sometimes even letting you add diving boards and slides and play underwater games. However, along with the benefits, inground pools also require additional maintenance to keep the pool water fresh and the area safe. Tests and Adjustments Inground pools require regular testing for pH and chlorine. Use high-quality pool chemicals, testing devices and pool care kits to check and restore proper levels. … Read More