Pool CLosing Packages

Our pool service technicians provide complete pool care including opening, closings, regular maintenance packages, and specialized cleaning services. We have highly skilled and certified staff available to work on filters, pumps & heaters. Our professional staff also provides high-quality liner replacements for above ground & in-ground pools.

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includes all of the following:

• Drain pump and filter tank
• Remove skimmer basket & return eyeballs
• Winterize filter system and plumbing
• Drain and clean out filter tank
• Blow out heater (if applicable)
• Antifreeze all lines*
• Turn the breaker off to system for winter


includes all of the following:

• Remove all ladders and handrails
• Winterize steps
• Cover pool with owners cover
• Place pool components where owner requests (on-site only)
• Includes Shock, Maintain, and PhosFree*


includes all of the following:

• Clean up leaves in the pool*
• Vacuum bottom of the pool to waste*
• Chemical testing/balance of water (chemicals not included)
• Includes winter plugs as needed to protect skimmer and return lines

*Please note the removal of debris or water from cover or extra chemical use for green/dirty pools and any additional trips will be an extra charge **Up to 1 hour combined


includes all of the following:

• Drain & clean filter system
•  Winterize heater
• Add above ground winter chemicals
• Install 4x8 air pillow pal*
• Install skimmer face plug & foam winter plug*
• Install return plug (if applicable)*
• Drain pool to winter height
• Place and secure customer's winter cover on the pool

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