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New! Pick Up In-Store WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE A BRAND NEW FEATURE TO OUR WEBSITE! Now, you can place an order online and pick it up at your nearest Litehouse store. Ship it or pick it up? It’s your choice! How does it work? 1. Look for items on 2. Pick your location to see if the product is available 3. Add the items to your shopping cart 4. At checkout, select pick up in store for your shipping method 5. Wait for an email confirming your order is ready for pick up 6. Show a valid ID … Read More

Hub Tub Maintenance

Hot tub Hydrotherapy: Top 3 Benefits of Daily Water Immersion

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy: Top 3 Benefits of Daily Water Immersion Right after we got married, my wife suggested we buy a hot tub. She had a hot tub in her backyard growing up, and her family used it regularly as a therapeutic and motivating way to put health and self-care front and center in their lives. Nearly every Saturday morning, they all soaked in the hot tub to warm up before taking a hike in the hills nearby. Her parents understood the important role their hot tub played in their wellness practices, so they instilled that same understanding in their … Read More

Should I use my hot Tub Before or After My Workout

Should I Us My Hot Tub Before or After My Workout As you regularly exercise to improve your health and strength, your body is in a constant state of regeneration. Workouts stress your muscles and joints, as well as your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. But there are ways to support and ease that stress so you can relax and avoid getting discouraged by soreness or exhaustion. Enjoying a thriving, active lifestyle means finding a productive balance between exertion and recovery. Soaking in your home spa helps to find that perfect balance in a single, relaxing activity. A 20-minute soak can … Read More

How to Choos the Right Pool for your Property

How to Choos the Right Pool for your Property You’ve decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and add a backyard pool to your home.  A pool is a sound investment that means summer fun for years to come.  Litehouse Pools & Spas knows that choosing the right type of pool for your property is imperative to maximize space, budget and features. Physical Area And Size Determining the type and size of your new pool depends heavily on the size of your property.  If you have a small backyard, consider an above ground swimming pool to maximize your space. Above ground pools are generally … Read More

Grillable Meal Ideas for your Pool Party

Grillable Meal Ideas for your Pool Party Pool parties are the ultimate summer activity, and when you have your own backyard pool, plan on lots of fun with family and friends at your home.  In addition to the main attraction — the pool — a pool party should have plenty of food and drinks for your guests, who will undoubtedly work up an appetite from all that swimming.  Grilling is a delicious, quick way to get a meal to your guests without being stuck in the kitchen and missing out on the party. Litehouse has a huge selection of grills from … Read More