Tailgate Grilling Tips | It’s Tailgate Season

Football season is here and that means it’s time to tailgate. There is nothing quite like a game day that starts off with a spread of grilled meats and other foods and ends with a victory for your team. Who’s with us? Having a successful tailgate is much like winning the big game; it takes planning, execution, and is a team effort. We believe that the perfect tailgate starts with the right foods and preparation, and nothing says tailgate more to us, than grilling. Let’s review some tailgate grilling tips to take your game day to the next level.

Tailgate Grilling Tips

If you are going to host a tailgate, nowadays, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually have to serve and prepare food on the back of a pickup truck. These gatherings have come a long way from when they first started over a century ago; however, one thing remains the same, food is the focal point.

Because food is so important to this type of event, especially grilling, below we review some tailgate grilling tips, so you can do a victory dance when all is said and done.

  • Have a Guest Count: Before the day of the big game actually arrives, you should have an approximate number of how many people will be joining your event. There are few things worse than serving food and having guests with nothing to eat because you ran out. Also, having too many leftovers can be a challenge to store as you venture inside to watch the game.
  • Know the Rules: Stadiums and lots where you are tailgating may have regulations that’ll impact what you can bring and how you can prepare your food. Research beforehand so you don’t get turned away for bringing something forbidden or go to grill only to find out you aren’t allowed.
  • Prepare your Food Ahead of Time: If you plan on grilling burgers, you should patty them before you head to the event. If you are serving other meats that need to be marinated, don’t forget to do that the night before. When you tailgate, you are on the go, so the more you can do beforehand, the better.
  • Have Your Grill Ready: This goes with preparing your food before you arrive to tailgate, if your grill needs cleaned, do it before you arrive. Your guests may grow impatient if they need to wait for you to clean last night’s dinner off your grill before it’s time to eat.
  • Remember the Essentials: You may leave for the game and have your grill, food, and family in tow, but it’s important to also remember utensils, serve ware, and seasonings that you need to make your tailgate grilling a success. You can throw hot dogs on your grill but if you have nothing to turn or remove them with, it can be a complete fail.
  • Set up Your Grill as Soon as You Arrive When it comes to tailgate grilling tips, this may seem like a no-brainer. You should set up your grill as soon as you arrive and turn it on as soon as possible to heat it up and get it ready for grilling.
  • Plan Your Timing: Be sure you allow enough time for you and your guests to enjoy your feast before the game starts. Consider how long it takes to grill particular items and plan accordingly. Some vegetables and meats take longer than others and you don’t want to have to miss kickoff because you were not prepared.
  • Post-Game Cleanup: While your grill is still hot, clean it. Everyone has a different preferred method of doing this; however, doing this while the grill is still hot and before you transport it, will ensure a clean cooking surface next time you go to use it and save your vehicle from an unwanted mess.

Following all of the above tailgate grilling tips can help to make your next football party a success, but having the right tailgate grill is key. Find a grill that adds flavor, is temperature controlled, will work even in the chilly fall weather, and is easy to transport. Make your tailgate the championship of tailgates by having a grill that elevates the food you serve.

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