Some of Our Favorite Easy Grilling Ideas | Memorial Day Inspiration

Whether you are getting ready to host a big Memorial Day cookout for next weekend, just thinking of simple meal ideas for you and your family, or merely thinking about what you can grill to spend more time outdoors, now that the flowers are blooming and sun is shining in Northeast Ohio and Erie, PA, we are here to provide some of our favorite ideas. While Memorial Day may not mark the official beginning of summer, for many people, it is the unofficial time to kick off the season, and with the warmer weather, comes more excuses to use your grilling devices as much as possible. We have put together some of our favorite easy grilling ideas to help you get started for the season.

Our Favorite Easy Grilling Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day is right around the corner, but with that comes a full grilling season ahead, and that is something we can’t wait for. If you are like us, when you aren’t taking a soak in your pool or relaxing on your outdoor furniture, grilling is probably one of your favorite warm weather pastimes. Grilling can not only help you enhance the flavors in the foods you are cooking, it is also a delicious, quick way to get a meal to your guests without being stuck in the kitchen and missing out on the party. 

If you are looking for some ways to use your grill this Memorial Day and beyond, below we provide some of our favorite easy grilling ideas to help.

  • Hot Dogs and Hamburgers: We know, we aren’t going to blow any minds with this idea, but why not start with the basics. If you are hosting a large gathering, hot dogs and hamburgers can be the perfect things to throw on the grill and they are usually enjoyed by almost everyone. Sometimes we like to throw different types of sausages and bratwursts on as well. If you have vegetarians coming to your event, you can even find plant based options for all three items. Be sure to have buns and condiments, but all in all, the old standbys are easy to prepare and rather inexpensive for a large group. Not to mention the side options are endless, because everything seems to go with hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Kabobs: Kabobs can be put together with whatever meats, vegetables, or anything else you want and can think of to put on them. You can be as creative as you want. Kabobs are one of our favorite easy grilling ideas because, while they may take a little while to put together, when the food items come off of the sticks, they are usually in bite size pieces which make them easy to consume for guests. Also, depending on how many varieties you want to make and offer, everyone can have options that fit their taste buds.  
  • Vegetables: Vegetables on the grill are one of our favorite ways to cook these healthy food items. You can grill just about any and every vegetable and by throwing them on your outdoor cooking device you can give them a unique flavor. You can wrap them in foil, use a grill pan, or toss them on the grill directly. Some of our favorite vegetables to grill are zucchini (check out this recipe), corn, asparagus, romaine lettuce (here’s a recipe idea), peppers, tomatoes, we could go on and on.
  • Chicken: You may think this is another basic idea, but chicken, like hot dogs and hamburgers, is usually rather easy to prepare and cook, and most people like it. When it comes to chicken, you can make wings, thighs, whole chickens, chicken breasts, chicken tenders, you can flavor them with barbecue, lemon, pepper, garlic, teriyaki… okay, you get the point. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to this poultry option. If you want to blow your guests away, this Maple Rosemary Grilled Chicken recipe is sure to be a fan favorite and takes a different spin on the traditional.

Seafood, pineapple, steak, ribs, jalapenos, pork loin; we could keep going with our favorite easy grilling ideas, but we are getting hungry just thinking about them, and figure this is a good place to stop. When it comes to using your grilling devices to host a party, or just for you and your family, there really are endless recipe possibilities. When having an outdoor event, the more the cook can be outside with the guests while preparing the food, the better. Plus, who doesn’t love grilled food?

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