Waterway 100 Square Foot Cartridge Filter System with 1HP 2-Speed Pump


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This system provides everything you will need to get your system up and running, with its matched components it will assure you of optimal performance and years of dependable service. The two speed pump will allow you to run this system 24 hours a day ensuring the cleanest, safest water possible while costing you less to operate than a standard single speed pump running only 8 hours a day. When you think about the fact that your water is constantly being circuluated and filtered, while you save on electrical cost, there really is no other choice! Ideal for most round above ground pools (15′ – 24′) and most above ground oval pools (12’x24′ – 16’x32′) – Large filtration, small footprint cartridge filter. – Top of the line 1 HP Dual Speed Energy Saving Hi-Flo High Performance Pump – Large 6″ trap with clear lid. – Two 1 1/2″ diameter hoses, with clamps. – Filter and pump mounting bases, and additional accessory base for chemical feeder – 100 Square Foot Filter – larger filter areas means less frequent cleaning for you – Complete Fitting Package for all connections – Unionized Gate Valve to isolate the system for maintenance – 3′ Cord with Twist-Lock plug (NEC/UL) – 1 Year Warranty – American Made

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 22 in


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