Hurricane-D2 1 HP 2-Speed Pump


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Reducing the speed of your pump (RPM) can dramatically reduce the electricity required to maintain your pool. Single speed pumps run at one unchangeable high speed. Since the speed cannot be changed they are a one size fits all and almost always run at a speed much higher than the task demands, which wastes a tremendous amount of energy. Single speed pumps run at such high speeds that they actually decrease filter system efficiency and fail to clean up to their potential, BLUE TORRENT® Hurrincane-D2™ Series pumps eliminate this wasted energy (cost) by allowing you change the speed of the pump to fit your pools particular needs. If you need to vacuum, mix chemicals, or are having a large pool party…switch it to high speed, if it’s a few people relaxing in the pool or you are going away for a few days….switch it to low speed allowing your pool to continue to filter and circulate without the expense. They also are equipped with the revolutionary Dual-Port Discharge&trade that will allow for a conversion from a vertical-discharge to horizontal-discharge with the twist of a cap. The system includes a twist-lock plug to meet NEC standards.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in
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