Pool Opening Tips

Spring is officially in the air and in Northeast Ohio and Erie, PA, and that means that we are looking forward to the months ahead with no snow on the ground and some sunshine. If you have a pool at your home, this is the time when you start to think about opening it, even though it may still be just a tad bit too chilly yet. It’s hard to wait for the hours you and your family are going to spend by the pool this summer, and if you are ready for it, you are not alone. As we have reviewed before, the last Saturday of this month, April 29, is actually National Pool Opening Day. While that may seem a little bit earlier than most people in our area normally open their pools, it means that the time is near. To celebrate the holiday and to get you in the swimming spirit, we are going to review some pool opening tips to ensure your pool is crystal clear and ready for you, when you are for it.

Pool Opening Tips

After months of shoveling and clearing snow, it is finally time in Northeast Ohio and Erie, PA, to start thinking about sitting by your pool and enjoying the warmer longer days ahead. Opening your pool can be quite a task and having a balanced swimming pool, and one that is ready to for you to dive right into, takes work.

You likely aren’t going to open your pool tomorrow, but the plan for opening it is on the horizon, and while you wait for the days to pass until you do, there are things you can do to prepare. Below we review some pool opening tips for things you can do to get your pool ready for the season before you even have it opened.

  • Stock up on Supplies and Chemicals: Having all of the pool chemicals and tools you need for opening and all season long, will ensure your pool is swimmable for the entire season. As you prepare your pool for opening, you should buy all needed pool chemicals and supplies. Check your pool tools and equipment for anything that may need replaced now. Is your skimmer still in good condition? What about your rafts and other pool toys? How about the pool ladder and steps? By purchasing all of your chemicals and equipment in the spring, you will have a much easier time keeping your pool in tiptop shape all season and will likely avoid running into something that you need being out of stock or hard to find.
  • Prepare your Deck, Patio, and Equipment: Throughout the fall and winter, your deck and pool area has likely found itself under leaves and other debris. Now is the time to clear away all the rubbish, so that when you have your pool opened, it doesn’t end up inside. It is a good idea to also hose down the area with water, to ensure it is fully clean for the season. Use this time to check all pool furniture and take care of repairs or cleaning, if needed. If you want to purchase new outdoor furniture to spruce up the space this year, spring is a great time to do so to ensure you have your items in time to enjoy. This is the perfect time to inspect your deck, ladders, rails, steps, etc. for any broken or damaged items. Fixing anything that needs fixed now, will save you from downtime during swimming season. Make sure everything around your pool is safe and secure and ready to go.
  • Trim Trees and Shrubs and Plant New Ones: This pool opening tip is often overlooked; however; if you have trees and other plants around your pool area, spring is the perfect time to trim them to minimize the amount of debris they will drop into your pool when it is open. Spring can also be the ideal time to add some landscaping to your pool area. The landscaping around your swimming pool is significant to the overall look and feel you want to create for your outdoor living space. Having shade trees around a swimming pool can make your landscape stand out; however, you must choose your plants and trees carefully as the wrong ones can lead to excessive debris and long-term issues.  If you are thinking about adding trees around your pool, check out our tips for the best trees to plant around a pool in Ohio.

When it comes to pool opening tips, when you are actually ready to open your pool, there are many other things you need to think about such as cleaning and storing the cover, balancing the swimming pool, brushing down the pool walls and floor, checking for leaks, connecting and testing your filter, and more. The list of things that needs done is rather long, so why not leave it up to the local swimming pool experts at Litehouse Pools & Spas?

At Litehouse Pools & Spas we offer different pool opening packages to fit your needs. Our packages may include:

  • Removing all plugs, gizmos, and antifreeze jugs
  • Installing skimmer baskets & return eyeballs
  • Reconnecting  and start-up of filter system
  • Filling chemical feeder (customer supplied or extra charge)
  • Reconnecting light and starting pool heater
  • Checking for leaks on filter
  • Adding all opening chemicals (included)
  • Clean up around pool area
  • Removing, cleaning, inspecting and folding cover
  • Hosing off decking around pool area
  • Installing handrails & ladders
  • Brushing down pool walls
  • Cleaning coping, skimmer, cover and inside/outside of skimmers
  • Cleaning step area
  • Putting solar cover on reel and placing by pool
  • And more…

We have highly skilled and certified staff available to work on filters, pumps, heaters, and more. Our professional staff also provide high-quality liner replacements for above ground and in-ground pools. You should select the pool opening package that is right for you and your swimming pool.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your pool opening today.