Is Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Summer?

Now that summer is in sight, it’s time to get your outdoor living space ready for the hours you plan to spend sitting outside and taking in the fresh air. While our warm weather doesn’t ever seem to stick around long enough, when we have it in Northeast Ohio and Erie, PA, we embrace it, and that means being outdoors as much as possible. You may not be ready to set up your outdoor living space just yet, because, as we all know, we seem to always have a late season snow or frost, but this is the perfect time to make sure everything will be ready when you are for it. Is your outdoor furniture ready for summer?

Is Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Summer?

Just like you should winterize your outdoor furniture in the fall, the spring makes for the perfect time to get everything ready for the warmer weather ahead. On that first day that we hit 60 degree temperatures you may have already set up your space, but for many people, they wait until that last frost, which could happen at the end of April or early May. The truth is, there is really no right or wrong time to set up your outdoor living space; however, when you go to do so, you will want to be sure you can and that can take some preparation.

Is your outdoor furniture ready for summer? Below we review some tips.

  • Ensure you have everything that you need. If you are ready for your furniture now, great, you can complete all the prep work as you set it up, but for people who want to keep it stored a little while longer, you can also prep it while in storage. The late spring is a great time to make sure you have all pieces of outdoor furniture and accessories you will need for the season. If you want to add something, buying it early will help to ensure that you have it when you are ready to enjoy it. If you noticed you were a few seats short last year, were getting too much sun and need an umbrella, or something else, this is the a great time to shop for those outdoor furniture items.
  • Check for loose or broken parts. To get your outdoor furniture ready for summer, you may need to complete some maintenance. Check all of your furniture for loose or missing bolts or screws. Inspect for cracks, lost or broken parts, or anything else that may need a repair. Don’t lose hours of sunshine by being stuck fixing furniture that you can maintain and take care of in advance.
  • Freshen it up. Have you noticed rust or cracks on your items? Now is a great time to freshen things up. You can try to remove rust with sandpaper, repaint items, and use wood filler or epoxy to fill in cracks. Winter can take a toll on items around our home, and your outdoor furniture, even if in storage, may be no exception. Check it out to make sure it is up to your standards before you have guests over and notice that things may need touched up.
  • Clean upholstery and other parts of the furniture. When it comes to getting your outdoor furniture ready for summer, one of the most important things you can do, is to clean it. Even if it was stored in an airtight location, there are sure to be some things that could use a good cleaning. Check upholstery, under items for webs and other things that may have accumulated, and if you use fabric protector, once cleaned, it is the perfect time to apply it.
  • Don’t forget about your furniture covers. Furniture covers are one of the best ways to protect your precious outdoor furniture from the elements. If you don’t have these, now is a great time to shop for some. If you do have these, make sure that they are still functional and in good condition. If there are holes patch them or buy new. If you purchased new furniture during the off season, make sure the covers work for the items.

Is your outdoor furniture ready for summer? While you may be thinking about your pool opening and dreading the fact that you need to mow your lawn, you will be looking to embrace your outdoor living space as soon as and as much as possible, and getting it ready now can put you ahead of the game.

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