Shaft Seal, 5/8″ Shaft (PS-200)


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Used on Pentair Sta-Rite SuperMax/SuperFlo Pumps, Letro Booster Pump – Old Style, Jacuzzi Brothers Cygnet Series, Jacuzzi J, JCM, K, KM Series Pumps, Jacuzzi L,LC,LCUN2,LT,LX,LTC,LCU,LTCU,LCM,ULCU,ULTCU, Jacuzzi L3 & L25 Model Pumps, Jacuzzi LH & LTH Model Pumps, Jacuzzi LPH,LPC, LTPH Model Pumps, Jacuzzi LR,LR9, LR3, LR6 Model Pumps, Jacuzzi LR,LR9, LR3, LR6, and LR25 Model Pumps, Jacuzzi Piranha “A” Pump, Jacuzzi SLPH & SLTPH Model Pumps, Jacuzzi ULSB & ULSC Model Pumps, Jacuzzi Fixed Bracket 48 Frame 60Hz, J-300, J-200, Sundance TheraMax/TheraFlo Pump Components (1999+), Pentair PacFab Challenger High Flow Pump, Pentair PacFab Challenger High Pressure Pump, Pentair PacFab Dynamo Pump, Pentair PacFab Pinnacle High Flow Pump, Pentair PacFab WaterFall Pump AFP75,120,150,180&AF75,120,180, AquaFlo Dominator Medium & High Head Pump, AquaFlo Flo-Master XP/XP2/XP2E 48-Frame, AquaFlo Flo-Master FMHP Series Side Discharge Spa Pump, AquaFlo Flo-Master FMCP Series Center Discharge Spa Pump, AquaFlo Tub-Master TMCP Series 100% Drain Bathtub Pump, AquaFlo Flo-Master FMVP Series Vertical Mounted Spa Pump, AquaFlo Flo-Master XP2/XP2E 56-Frame, Gecko Aqua-Flo Flo-Master XP3 56-Frame Pump and Pentair Purex Minimax NT Std 200-400 Heater w/ 6800 cntrl Manufacturer’s part number: PSR-200

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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