Poolife® pH Minus 2.5 Lbs.


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High pH pools also will experience several problems. High pH will decrease sanitizer efficiency. Extremely high pH can also cause water clouding. High pH will also cause skin and eye irritation. Typical high pH problems:

  • Scale formation
  • Cloudy water
  • Short filter runs
  • Eye and skin irritation
  • Poor chlorine efficiency

On some occasions, after filling the pool for instance, the pH level will need adjusting down and Poolife® pH Minus is the best way to properly reduce the pH of your pool water without drastically effecting other components of water chemistry. NOTE: Whether your raising or lowering the pH, adjust the level slowly. It is a safer course of action to adjust twice, changing the level slowly, rather than one time and drastically changing the level. Often times drastically changing the pH level will result in missing the mark and adjusting once more, costing more money and problems.

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