Poolife® Alkalinity Plus 5 Lbs.


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Alkalinity should always be tested and adjusted before the pH level and after balancing calcium hardness. Alkalinity is the underlying control of the pH, and adjusting the pH when the alkalinity is unbalanced will result in a loss of money and chemicals. Alkalinity should always be adjusted slowly. Raising or lowering the alkalinity of a pool should always encompass small incremental steps rather than one large adjustment. The amount of alkalinity needed to maintain a pool depends on the pool’s capacity. It could range from two or three pounds in smaller pools, to sixty or seventy pounds in larger pools. Typical alkalinity will need adjusting two to four times per season. Normally large amounts of fresh or rainwater are the only events that will lower the alkalinity level. Over the course of the season Bromine use can also reduce the alkalinity level of the pool. Poolife® Alkalinity Plus or sodium bicarbonate, which is used to raise alkalinity, is a non-corrosive chemical that can be handled without problem. Poolife® Alkalinity Plus contains 100% sodium bicarbonate 1.5 pound of Poollife Alkalinity Plus will raise 10,000 gallons of water 10 PPM

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