Standard Winterizing Package for 24′ – 27′ Round Pools


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The Litehouse Winter Pool Package is the most complete and best value for your pool. For the ultimate winter protection, select a Litehouse Winter Pool Package! The package contains everything you need to chemically prepare your water for the winter months, secure your cover against harsh winter winds and protect the wall and skimmer from freeze damage.    This package has been designed exclusively for Litehouse pools with the Rapid Flow Skimmer.   Click here to see what the package includes.

  • Litehouse Winter Kits (2) – a chlorine free closing kit, that will not bleach or stain pool liners or pool surfaces, which includes
    • 1 Lb. Non-Chlorine shock to oxidize and eliminate any waste material in your water
    • 1 Lb. Sequestering compound which will lock-up and remove minerals that could cause staining to your pool liner and/or surface, if left untreated
    • 1 Lb. Winter Grade Algaecide which is formulated to control algae before and after your water freezes
  • Liter of Pool Magic Spring & Fall (1) – reduces off season waterline rings and staining of pool surface by non-living organic contamination
  • 4′ x 8′ Standard Pool Pillow (1) – acts as an ice compensator and absorbs freezing water’s pressure to help protect your pool walls
  • Pool Pillow Pal (1) – an EASY way to place your pool pillow in the pool and keep it centered and secured throughout the winter
  • Rapid Flow Skimmer Body Plug (1) – reduces or even eliminates the water build-up in the skimmer that can damage the skimmer or wall
  • Rapid Flow Skimmer Face Plug (1) – keeps skimmer dry all winter long to prevent freeze damage without draining the pool water
  • Winter Cover Clips (54) – keep your winter cover from whipping in the wind and help it from sagging under the weight of water or debris
  • 1-1/2” Winter Plug (1) – use on your return to prevent water from leaking out and/or cracking the return fitting
  • 1-1/4” Winter Plug (1) – use on the lid of the skimmer to prevent water from entering the skimmer from the top

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