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Super Water Clarifier has proven to be a superior 4-in-1 clarifier in swimming pools, spas, fountains and water parks. CLARIFIES CLOUDY WATER: Super Water Clarifier coagulates the tiny particles and oily liquids that build up in your water so your lter can remove them. But unlike single purpose clariers, this product does a whole lot more than just make your water look clean. HELPS REMOVE METALS: Like millions of microscopic magnets, Super Water Clarifier gathers stain causing metals like iron, copper, zinc and manganese and deposits them in your filter where they stay until you ush them out. But there’s more. ELIMINATES OIL & SCUM LINES: Super Water Clarifier takes the water dulling soaps and oils out of your water but will not deposit them on surfaces like other brands do. Will these films clog your filter? No, read on. IMPROVES FILTER EFFICIENCY Any filter will leave a certain amount of unwanted material in your water. Super Water Clarifier allows your filter to trap these impurities and hold them without clogging. How? The molecular structure of our biopolymer keeps it and the impurities it holds on the filter media, and not in the spaces that your water passes through. So your filter can actually run longer between cleanings.

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