O-Ring, 1/4″ Plug (47-0112-00)


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Used with Jacuzzi Cartridge Filter CFR 50, 75, 100, 150, Jacuzzi Cartridge Filter TC-300, TC-450, TC-600, Jacuzzi CFR Series Inline 1-1/2″ Filter, Jacuzzi Earthworks DE Filter EW75, EW100, EW125, EW150, Jacuzzi Dirtbag DE Separation Tank, Jacuzzi MFM 15 Sand Filter, Jacuzzi Brothers Cygnet Series, Jacuzzi L,LC,LCUN2,LT,LX,LTC,LCU,LTCU,LCM,ULCU,ULTCU, Jacuzzi LH & LTH Model Pumps, Jacuzzi LPH,LPC, LTPH Model Pumps, Jacuzzi LR,LR9, LR3, LR6 Model Pumps, Jacuzzi LR,LR9, LR3, LR6, and LR25 Model Pumps, Jacuzzi Magnum, Magnum Plus, and Magnum Force Pumps, Jacuzzi P, PC , EP Model Pumps, Jacuzzi PH & UPH Model Pumps, Jacuzzi Piranha “A” Pump, Jacuzzi Ring-Lok R, P, PC, UP Model Pumps, Jacuzzi RC Model Pump, Jacuzzi SLPH & SLTPH Model Pumps, Jacuzzi Bracketless 56 Frame 60Hz, J-LX, J-LXL, J-400, J-300, Jacuzzi Fixed Bracket 48 Frame 60Hz, J-300, J-200 and Jacuzzi Bracketless 48 Frame 60Hz, J-300, J-200 Manufacturer’s part number: 47-0112-00

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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