Aquador 1084 Faceplate and Lid


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Protects Your Pool From Freeze Damage – Without Draining! This time-saving closure device saves time and money when you winterize your pool. Simply replace your skimmer plate with the Aquador face plate (requires Phillips head screwdriver) and snap on the freeze-proof plastic closure. Your skimmer is now protected from freeze damage. With Aquador, there’s no need for costly water drain downs in the fall. The aquador stays flexible to -80 degrees. Install the AquadorT Skimmer Cover onto your above-ground or in ground Vinyl pool skimmer faceplate to allow easy pool winterizing without the risk or hassle of lowering the water level. Saves Water, Chemicals and Your Time! Fits: Hayward? and American in-ground pool skimmers Outside Dimensions: 8-5/8″ H x 10-7/8″ W Inside Dimensions: 7-5/8″ H x 10-7/8″ W

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


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