How Many Lights Does the Average Person Have on Their Holiday Tree?

Can you believe it? The holiday season is here. This is the time of the year for family, food, giving, memories being made, and often lots of questions and debates. The holidays can leave people with questions like: “When is the right time to put up a tree and decorations?” “Should we have a real or artificial tree?” and “How many lights do we need on our tree?”. If you are debating with someone in your home over the number of acceptable lights to put on your tree, it could be helpful to know what other people think. So, how many lights does the average person have on their holiday tree?

How Many Lights Does the Average Person Have on Their Holiday Tree?

If you are having a discussion over the right amount of lights for your holiday tree, you are not alone. Even companies that specialize in home decorations can’t seem to agree on the right number of lights. The Spruce suggests 100 lights for every 1 1/2 vertical feet of tree, Better Homes & Gardens recommends using three 100-light sets for every foot of a tree’s height, and Real Simple advises 100 lights for every foot.

We know, it’s confusing, but the truth is, there really is no right or wrong answer. The number of lights you decide you want on your tree, is the correct amount for you and your home. While the right amount of lights may be a timeless debate, there are some things you can do to make lighting your home’s tree a little easier, regardless of the number of lights you are putting on it.

  • Buy more lights than you think you will need. It’s better to have more than to run out in the middle of decorating, so buying more lights than you think you will need, is a good rule of thumb. Also, there could be some lights that don’t work, so you will want to have backups to account for that.
  • Toss old strands that don’t work and opt for new. It is much easier to simply throw out old strands that don’t light than to try and save them and find the culprit. It is too time consuming to figure out the cause of the unlit bulbs. Even if you do find the cause, it is a weak point and is likely to go out again
  • 100-light strands are generally the easiest length to use. This length is easier for most people to handle on their own than much longer strands that can become tangled or have more bulbs that may go out.
  • Test lights before you start decorating. It never seems to fail. You wrap your lights around your tree, plug them in, and one of the strings (usually in the most inconvenient spot) will not light. Avoid this by testing each light strand before wrapping them around your tree. It’s recommended to plug in the lights for about 5 minutes and gently shake them to make sure there are no lose connections.
  • Keep strings from tangling as you wrap. As we mentioned above, smaller strands can help you avoid a tangle; however, they won’t totally prevent them. Wrapping the lights around your shoulders like a shawl can keep them from tangling and allow you to move freely as you work.
  • Stand back and squint to ensure even spacing. How you light your tree is a personal preference. Some people wrap around every branch while others weave in and out. Regardless how you put the lights on your tree, you will likely want to make sure they look even and you didn’t miss a spot. If you stand back from your tree and squint, it can help you identify areas that have too many or too few lights.

So, how many lights does the average person have on their holiday tree? There really is no definitive answer. Not only do people have different preferences, a person’s tree can vary from year to year. When it comes to when to put up your tree, what type to choose, and/or the number of lights you put on your tree, do what looks and feels right for you.

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